WGN Sports Signs Off

WGN Sports Sign Off

Last weekend, after 72 years, WGN-TV Sports signed off with its final airing of Cubs and White Sox games. I had been mentally preparing for this for some time now, ever since it became known that the Cubs would be moving to their own cable television network while the White Sox, along with the Blackhawks and Bulls, would air their local broadcasts exclusively on NBC Sports Chicago.

Though the White Sox are now my team as an adult, the Cubs were my childhood team when I began watching baseball in 1992. Those games were on WGN with Harry Caray and Steve Stone. Now that Stone is with the White Sox, and considering that the final WGN broadcast was a White Sox game, I thought it was fitting that the broadcast closed out with Stone voicing the final words.

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Saying Goodbye to WGN Sports

1990s WGN Sports Logo

As a geek for all things media who grew up watching Chicago sports, it’s not lost on me that WGN Channel 9 is in its final year broadcasting live sports. My first experience watching sports on WGN was with the Cubs in 1992. As an eight year old (badly) playing little league, I thought it would be cool to watch real baseball games on television that summer. While WGN was the television home of the Cubs, they would air one or two White Sox games a week, so I had the opportunity to grow up watching both teams.

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I Didn’t Realize Apple Still Makes an iPod (or That Anyone Is Waiting for a New One)


While perusing through one of my news feeds, I was surprised to see this headline from 9to5Mac.com: When should we expect the rumored iPod touch?

Was this, perhaps, a lingering April Fools piece?

Now curious, I clicked on the article, under the not-quite-sure assumption that Apple had stopped making iPods not too long ago. After skimming the article, I was reminded that the iPod Touch is the sole model that Apple still makes, which is going on three years since its last release. While I would not be surprised at the idea that some people still use iPods and iTunes to manage their music, I would not have thought of the possibility that someone may be hoping that Apple makes a next generation iPod.

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Using Technology to Increase Organ & Tissue Donations

Organ DonationNova Scotia is the first jurisdiction in North America that will automatically classify individuals, by default, as organ and tissue donors.  An article by the CBC explains the decision in more detail and how families of deceased individuals will still be approached to confirm the donor’s wishes. Critics of the idea argue that this is a dangerous precedent that essentially gives the government the right to lay ownership on people’s bodies and could lead to further government invasions down the road.

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Ed Farmer, Please Take a Day Off

As I tweeted earlier today….

As I wrote a year ago on this blog, I am not a fan of Farmer’s broadcast style. That sentiment is shared largely among other White Sox fans. While I do sincerely wish him well, it would have been nice to have heard a different voice fill in on the broadcast while Farmer recovered.

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Questions I Ask Every Time I Fly

Questions While Flying

While flying to and from Orlando last week, I had several questions run through my head — questions that always come back to me every time I am lucky enough to fly. Some of these are questions I can easily Google at anytime, but seemingly never remember to do so once the plane has touched ground.

Why don’t departure and arrival times on boarding passes or confirmation emails include designated time zones?

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The Day After MLB Opening Day

MLB Opening Day

Happy Opening Day!

The first day of MLB always has a special feeling to it. It’s something that baseball fans wait all winter for.

So how cruel is it that the second day of the MLB regular season, for some teams (including the White Sox), is a scheduled off day. After today’s first game, we wait until Saturday for game two.

Plus, this scheduled off day is on a Friday!? Off days are never scheduled for Fridays during the regular season so why is an exception made at the beginning?

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The Kind of Story We Need Right Now

Last week, I watched a YouTube clip of “Late Night” host Seth Meyers as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.” Meyers described a new segment, “the kind of story we need right now,” that he had recently debuted on his show. The concept is to tell a story, something that may be funny or heartwarming, that temporarily distracts from the excess wave of sad and depressing stories that regularly dominate the news cycle.

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Monday Night Football, Post Jason Witten

Jason Witten

Jason Witten’s surprise news that he is returning to the Dallas Cowboys for this upcoming season means he is exiting the ESPN “Monday Night Football” booth. There has been plenty of speculation as to whether ESPN will go to a two-man booth with Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland or if they will come up with an alternate plan.

One repeated notion that I’ve come across from the sports media community is how ESPN was seemingly caught off guard with the news and that Witten could have done a better job at giving ESPN more of a heads up. Even if that is all true (and I do prefer an employee to not blindside an employer when possible), this news took place six months before the next “Monday Night Football” broadcast. It’s not like the news came a few weeks before the start of the season.

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Broadcasting is a Cruel Industry: Ron and Don Abruptly Gone from KIRO Radio in Seattle

Ron and Don Radio Show

I’m almost a month late on this one, but without Tom Taylor or Al Peterson, following the radio industry’s day-to-day isn’t quite as easy.

I was surprised to learn this afternoon (by accident while researching a separate radio story) that KIRO Radio in Seattle abruptly ended the popular Ron and Don Show. Even though I have spent my entire life in the Chicago area and have absolutely no ties to Seattle, I came across their show in around 2009 or 2010 and became a quick fan.

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