Spotlight Crazed

From the Associated Press:

The couple who crashed President Barack Obama’s first state dinner are peddling their story to broadcast networks for hundreds of thousands of dollars, a television executive says.

Its also been reported that this couple wants to be on a reality television show (go figure). If reality TV wasn’t bad enough, then the people who now seek to be on these shows is completely something else. Attention seeking whores, such as these people, willing to go to extreme lengths to be noticed (the “Balloon Boy’s” dad is another classic example) are growing in numbers.

So they successfully snuck into a prestige White House dinner, thanks to the secret service keeping their guard down. But what does this couple have anything to say that would be remotely interesting. Not anything worth thousands of dollars that they are seeking for TV interviews. Personally, I wouldn’t give these whackjobs the time of day.

Yes, the story deserves national attention and the secret service needs to be put to shame. But the couple who did crash the dinner should not be worshiped or receive any special attention as a result of. They simply are scum of the earth who should not be glorified.

In grade school, when a hyped-up kid wants to be called on by the teacher so badly that he raises his hand, fidgets and makes noises in hopes of getting the attention, only for the teacher to ignore him and call on someone else – that’s what I want to happen to this couple and those like them. What a shot to their ego that would be.

Unfortunately, the attention these type of people often get makes it worth their while. I’m afraid we’re entering a trend where more and more stupid stunts like this will become the norm — all for the sake of landing a reality TV gig or otherwise becoming famous.

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