3D Television

Earlier this week, ESPN announced they will be launching a new 3D television network later this year. A specially equipped 3D television will be required to properly view the 3Dness. Go figure, as I just got my very own HD television set this Christmas.

I seriously hope this doesn’t mean that all HDTVs will soon be obsolete, and that a new craze will dictate that if you’re not watching your favorite show in 3D, then you’re not really watching TV.

It’s just like the craze now for Blu-ray. After the world spent the last 10 years converting their movie collection from VHS tapes to DVDs, we now are expected to flock like sheep towards this new player, and spend $30 for each movie? At the very least, I’m glad Blu-ray players will play standard DVDs, but I absolutely have no desire to upgrade to yet another new platform.

It’s bad enough that when I do want to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies, half of my collection are still VHS tapes.

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