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Siskel and Ebert At the Movies

I remember as a kid occasionally coming across the Siskel & Ebert movie review show on television. Even with the Internet and all the other resources available for movie news and reviews these days, there is something vintage about that old television show worth remembering. The two Chicago movie critics worked together on television under a few different names during their run, perhaps the most well known, At the Movies.

Earlier today, the news came out that Ebert himself is bringing back the show and will produce brand new episodes to air syndicated on television beginning in 2011.

Never was there a more appropriate time to run down memory lane and this 1983 clip from ABC’s Nightline, where Siskel and Ebert appear with New York critic John Simon. Together they give their thoughts on the then newly released The Empire Strikes Back. While Siskel and Ebert praise the movie for its storyline and use of special effects, Simon is not too kind, especially to the movie’s overuse of special effects.

Simon’s commentary on special effects is actually quite interesting, knowing what we now know today.

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