Fox College Basketball Goes ‘Roundball Rock’

Fox College Basketball

Fox Sports created some buzz over the weekend with the use of “Roundball Rock” during Saturday’s Fox College Basketball triple-header broadcast. “Roundball Rock” is best remembered by basketball fans as being the iconic NBA on NBC theme song from the 1990s.

From what I’ve seen on Twitter, the use “Roundball Rock” by Fox seems to be a mixed bag. Some think it should be reserved for a NBA broadcast, while others don’t seem to mind and are happy to hear the song in use again.

I side with the later opinion. While I have fond memories of the Bulls winning championships and that old NBA on NBC theme music, I haven’t been much of a basketball fan since then, so I don’t harbor any special opinions towards the NBA or college basketball.

However, I can sympathize with the group not in favor of this. As a football and baseball fan, I absolutely hate that Fox uses their iconic NFL theme music for their baseball broadcasts (because they feel using the NFL music for baseball gives the broadcast more of a “big game feel”). Fox has been doing that for nearly a decade now and that still doesn’t sit right with me.

Since I don’t care about basketball, I personally don’t take offense with Fox’s use of “Roundball Rock” for college basketball. I actually think it’s pretty damn cool, especially if it is only for one day.

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