Questions I Ask Every Time I Fly

Questions While Flying

While flying to and from Orlando last week, I had several questions run through my head — questions that always come back to me every time I am lucky enough to fly. Some of these are questions I can easily Google at anytime, but seemingly never remember to do so once the plane has touched ground.

Why don’t departure and arrival times on boarding passes or confirmation emails include designated time zones?

Can the P.A. speaker at an airline’s front counter desk or flight attendants on board the plane talk any faster? How are people hard of hearing supposed to understand when critical announcements or instructions are given?

Would I really be an awful person if I were to refer to a flight attendant as a stewardess?

When communicating that the flight will be full, why do some airline staffers insist on specifying that the flight will be very, very full, as opposed to just full?

In 2019, what difference does it make whether my smart phone, tablet or laptop is not in “airplane mode?”

Some airlines allow you to track where the plane is via your own tablet while connected to WiFi.¬†Why can’t one of the airlines partner with Google Maps to allow us to get a better idea of what we are actually flying over, especially when seeing some distinct landmark on the ground, aka pop-up video style?

The pilot on our flight home specified we were flying over Indianapolis. That was cool. Why don’t more pilots do that throughout the course of a flight?

Why do some airlines feel it is necessary to specify that tampering with either the lavatory sign or the no smoking sign is against the law?

Why would anyone feel compelled to tamper with either a lavatory sign or a no smoking sign?

When was the last time someone actually did tamper with either a lavatory sign or a no smoking sign?

What actually happens to an individual who does tamper with either sign?

Why are bathrooms on airplanes called lavatories?

And… how come we don’t call them lavatories anyplace on the ground?

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