The Kind of Story We Need Right Now

Last week, I watched a YouTube clip of “Late Night” host Seth Meyers as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.” Meyers described a new segment, “the kind of story we need right now,” that he had recently debuted on his show. The concept is to tell a story, something that may be funny or heartwarming, that temporarily distracts from the excess wave of sad and depressing stories that regularly dominate the news cycle.

While I just came across that appearance last week, it actually took place in early February. Since the wave of negative stories is never ending (with Trump, white supremacy and college admissions cheating dominating the headlines of late), the need for such a positive distractions has not lessened.

This morning, I came across the story of a 104 year old women who got arrested as part of a bucket list wish.

A 104-year-old woman who has never been in trouble with the law has been ‘arrested’ by police as part of a bucket list wish.

Anne Brokenbrow, who is a resident at Stokeleigh Care Home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, was ‘detained’ by two officers as part of a charity event.

The home is one of five facilities in the area participating in the Wishing Washing Line initiative.

PC Stephen Harding and his colleague PCSO Kelly Foyle arrived at the home this morning to perform the arrest before escorting her to the car.

This story made me smile, and such, turned out to be “the kind of story I needed right now.”

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