About Martin

Marty Hawrysko

Martin is Chicagoland web designer and digital marketer, with a graphic design background. He uses this blog as a therapeutic outlet to share ideas and observations, ask questions, rant and reminisce on whatever happens to be on his mind from the news of the day to the oddities of everyday life.

Martin discovered his passion for design while in high school after building his first website, one that was dedicated to sports and pro wrestling, of all things. He soon became immersed with the bells and whistles of Photoshop, which resulted in him spending far too many hours, either productive or unproductive, on his basement computer designing logos and websites for the fun of it.

Martin graduated from Lewis University in 2008, having double majored in graphic design and print journalism. While there, he took an interest in marketing after coming to the realization that brand building and business development was reliant on more than just cool graphics or fancy logos. His added interest in technology opened him up to digital marketing and the potential of search engine optimization, which he thought might be of great value if he ever got back into web design.

A life-long passion for Martin has revolved around the media business, where he obsesses over radio and television station call letters, news studio backgrounds and any other sound or graphical production elements. Today, he avidly follows the broadcast and journalism industries while maintaining a soft spot for radio.

Martin has spent his entire life in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and is currently settled in New Lenox with his one wife, one mortgage and an abundance of baseball caps.

And despite having never lived in Wisconsin, he is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, while also liking Wisconsin Badgers football. His more geographically friendly favorite teams include the Blackhawks and the White Sox.