About Martin

Martin Hawrysko

Welcome to Martin’s Mindset, a personal blog featuring the collective musings of a mid-30’s millennial from the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  Martin uses this space as a therapeutic outlet to opine about various topics he finds to be of interest or relevance, in addition to anything else leftover from the news of the day and the oddities of everyday life.

Martin is a web designer and digital marketer with a graphic design background. He first began working in front-end web development in the summer of 1999, just prior to his freshmen year in high school. He began working with Adobe Photoshop in hopes of improving his web design ability and quickly fell in love with creating and manipulating computer graphics. In college, while studying graphic design and print journalism, Martin became interested in marketing after realizing that brand building and business development was reliant on more than just fancy graphics, logos and websites. His added interest in technology steered him towards new digital marketing possibilities, such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, which he knew would compliment his graphic and web design aspirations.

Martin’s is an avid follower of all things broadcast media, journalism and tech. He also enjoys reading about various history, space exploration and is enthusiastically pro science. He loves traveling and especially enjoys road trips while exploring (and learning about) new cities. And despite having never lived in the state of Wisconsin, he is a die hard Packers fan, while his hometown teams are the Blackhawks and White Sox.

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