Getting Used to the iPhone

A few weeks ago, I broke down and finally purchased an iPhone.

So far, I absolutely love it. All the added bells and whistles that come with having an iPhone far make up for its few minor inefficiencies. That said, there is a trend that I am noticing with myself, something that probably hinders my already bad habit with email. I have a bad habit of letting email pile up. When I check my email, I sometimes tend to read a message, then leave it thinking I will followup on it later. Later can mean anywhere from a few hours to sometimes, as long as two months.

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Striving for Gold in Political Games

According to liberals, it was conservatives who shamefully rallied against Chicago’s bid to host the Summer 2016 Olympics. According to conservatives, the fact that Chicago lost the Olympics is a major blow to President Barack Obama since his presence at the final presentation to the International Olympic Committee was not enough to sway them towards Chicago.

Meanwhile, prior to Friday’s presentation, some conservatives were criticizing the President for going in the first place. Just like everything else it seems, politicians and pundits alike have grabbed onto something and are using it to meet their political agendas.

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No Olympics for Chicago

I can’t say I feel bad that Chicago did not win the bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. I actually think it is somewhat funny that Chicago didn’t even make the first cut. It kind of goes to show that all those who say “Chicago is the greatest city in the world” must be a thought exclusive to those who live there.

As I was browsing the Internet earlier this weekend, I came across this clip of “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak attempting to spin the wheel. For some reason, his attempts kind of reminded me of Chicago’s experience this past Friday during the IOC’s first round selection.

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