At the Movies

Siskel and Ebert At the Movies

I remember as a kid occasionally coming across the Siskel & Ebert movie review show on television. Even with the Internet and all the other resources available for movie news and reviews these days, there is something vintage about that old television show worth remembering. The two Chicago movie critics worked together on television under a few different names during their run, perhaps the most well known, At the Movies.

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Jimmy Fallon’s Emmy Awards Opening Act

While I don’t watch any of the annual award shows on television, I came across the opening act to this year’s Emmy Award show, which pays tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

The opening act is absolutely fantastic, as host Jimmy Fallon is reunited with his former Saturday Night Live co-star Tina Fey. The act also includes the cast from the show Glee, which I admit, I had never heard of until seeing this video.

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Teen Mom

Last summer my fiance got addicted to the MTV original series “16 and Pregnant.” It took me watching less than a full episode to realize that the show wasn’t for me. This past weekend, I volunteered (because I’m such a nice guy) to watch with her an episode of the follow-up series, “Teen Mom.” With the little work that I did in television while in college, the one thing I do understand is how phony television is – and that includes reality TV.

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Monday Night Wrestling

I began watching professional wrestling in the summer of 1998, just a week or two after the historic Bill Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan championship match from Atlanta, GA on Monday Nitro. After a few months, it was obvious that the then WWF product was far superior to WCW, and I became a long-time WWF (now WWE) fan. At that time, the WWF was in high gear in the “Attitude Era” with the Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin feud in full steam. The storylines were exciting and fun and almost every week brought cliff hanging moments that made you want to watch the following week to see what would happen next. It was a beautiful thing. Even though WCW started to become lame, Monday night was wrestling night, and it was a very special thing.

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