NFL on FOX’s Theme Music Going Abroad

I didn’t watch much of the MLB postseason this year, but when I began to watch game one of the National League Championship Series on Fox a few weeks back, I noticed that instead of starting the broadcast with their regular MLB on Fox theme music, they used their traditional NFL theme music.

Being a buff for all things pertaining to broadcasting presentations, I noticed this immediately. At the time, I thought that maybe that Fox had hired a few younger people to run the production booth and they made a simple mistake. When the same was happening throughout the NLCS and eventually the World Series, I really started to wonder what was up.

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At the Movies

Siskel and Ebert At the Movies

I remember as a kid occasionally coming across the Siskel & Ebert movie review show on television. Even with the Internet and all the other resources available for movie news and reviews these days, there is something vintage about that old television show worth remembering. The two Chicago movie critics worked together on television under a few different names during their run, perhaps the most well known, At the Movies.

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Blockbuster’s Financial Woes Sound Too Familiar

The news of Blockbuster’s financial woes and its uncertain future reminds me a lot of what is happening to the newspaper industry. Blockbuster made their money by renting movies to people; newspapers made their money by selling news to people. For a longtime, both were very successful businesses. Both since have been affected by the rise of the Internet and the increasing use of electronic gadgets and smart phones.

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NBA on NBC Theme


Growing up in the 1990s, watching the Bulls as the dominant pro basketball team was a big part of my childhood. Part of those memories include many of those games airing on NBC and the iconic NBA on NBC theme music, which is appropriately named “Roundball Rock.”

The story on how “Roundball Rock” came to be is an interesting story, as told by the song’s composer, John Tesh, in the embedded video above.  Tesh is on stage and explains how the idea came to him many years earlier while in his hotel. Not wanting to forget the idea by the time he got home, he called his home phone and left a message for himself by humming his song idea to his answering machine.

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3D Television

Earlier this week, ESPN announced they will be launching a new 3D television network later this year. A specially equipped 3D television will be required to properly view the 3Dness. Go figure, as I just got my very own HD television set this Christmas.

I seriously hope this doesn’t mean that all HDTVs will soon be obsolete, and that a new craze will dictate that if you’re not watching your favorite show in 3D, then you’re not really watching TV.

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Spotlight Crazed

From the Associated Press:

The couple who crashed President Barack Obama’s first state dinner are peddling their story to broadcast networks for hundreds of thousands of dollars, a television executive says.

Its also been reported that this couple wants to be on a reality television show (go figure). If reality TV wasn’t bad enough, then the people who now seek to be on these shows is completely something else. Attention seeking whores, such as these people, willing to go to extreme lengths to be noticed (the “Balloon Boy’s” dad is another classic example) are growing in numbers.

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Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson Together Again

Tonight, WBBM-TV (CBS 2 Chicago) reunites Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson, the dynamic duo anchor team from the 1970’s and ’80’s. For the first time since they both respectability left Channel 2, they will be anchoring a full newscast together, tonight at 10 p.m. on the CBS owned station.

I was a young kid when the duo split up, so I have no memories of them together. I vaguely remember Kurtis towards the end of his Channel 2 days before moving onto bigger and better things. As for Jacobson, I have fond memories of watching Jacobson for many years on the WFLD-TV “Fox News Chicago” 9p.m. newscast.

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Flying Birdmen

In my opinion, “60 Minutes” is not only one of the best news shows on television, but one of the best shows on television. While their in-depth reporting for serious affairs is impressive, so is their ability to put together a piece of some of the most obscure items that would otherwise qualify as fluff.

This past weekend, the show featured a group of men and their spectacular stunt of jumping off mountains and coming as close to flying as humanly possible without the confines of an airplane.

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