Thoughts on the White Sox Radio Broadcasts Going into the 2018 Season

White Sox Baseball

After two years on WLS, I’m happy that this season, the White Sox will instead have their games on WGN Radio.

Where as WLS seemed to put in the bare minimum as a radio partner for the White Sox, WGN has been a great partner for the Blackhawks, and previously as the longtime home for the Cubs and I am hoping the same will happen with the Sox.

The only downside is that the radio broadcasts will still be called by Ed Farmer. I’ve been hoping for years that the Sox would come to the decision that an upgrade at radio play-by-play was badly needed, and each year I am surprised when he is brought back.

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Observations on the NBA’s Christmas Jerseys

Christmas 2013 Bulls NBA Jersey

Photo courtesy of

The uniforms worn by NBA teams playing on Christmas Day this year have unofficially been unveiled. According to the Uni Watch, this style uniform will also be used for this season’s NBA All-Star Game.

They resemble what a poor knockoff NBA style practice uniform might look like or what a team might wear at the junior college level (no offense to junior college basketball players or to anyone who makes knockoff NBA merchandise).

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Packers 2013 Season Preview

Just in time for the NFL’s opening kickoff weekend, I wrote a column previewing the 2013 Green Bay Packers. It’s over at, a pretty cool fan sports commentary and news website. After reading my column, be sure to check out the rest of the site.

From the column:

The margin between the Packers and the rest of the NFC North appears to be thinning. While there are some unknowns pertaining to the Bears and the Lions, many are penciling them with the Vikings as being contenders in the division. The Pack can’t have anymore games similar last year’s debacles against the Seahawks (despite the blown call, they still didn’t play a great game) and the fourth quarter collapse to the Colts. They have to beat the teams they are supposed to beat, while holding their own against their NFC North opponents.

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By the Balls: Football’s Flagrant Hold on ESPN

NFL's Tight Grip on ESPN

On Friday, the New York Times released a damning piece that revealed just how much of a grip the NFL has over ESPN, concerning the network’s participating in a documentary about players suffering from football related head injuries. The story has garnered a lot of attention within the sports media community, calling into question the journalistic integrity of ESPN as a result.

On a semi related note, you may recall an ESPN television show 10 years ago called “Playmakers,” which depicted a fiction pro football team overcoming day-to-day hurdles in a fiction pro football league. The NFL didn’t appreciate having such “hurdles” spotlighted — even if the show was fiction — and pressured ESPN into dropping the series.

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‘That Other Pregame Show’ to Launch on CBS Sports Network (or more like that “Other Network”)

That Other Pregame Show

Compared to the efforts of the NBC Sports Network and the newly launched Fox Sports 1, it would appear that the CBS Sports Network isn’t even trying (put aside the aggressive luring of Jim Rome away from ESPN).

In an effort to curb such pessimism, CBS Sports Network announced yesterday they are launching a new expanded NFL pregame show to air each Sunday morning during the NFL season. The name of that show, according to Ed Sherman, will be “That Other Pregame Show.”

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World Cup Viewing Observations from a Non-Soccer Fan

Can’t say I’ve made much attempts in my life to watch soccer, but I did pay half attention to the “extra time” World Cup quarterfinal game on ESPNU between sets at the gym this morning.

A few observations…

  • I wonder if the playing field was narrower and/or shorter, more goals might be scored and that perhaps might draw more viewers from the U.S. An indoor soccer game I watched a few years back very intense and goals were more frequent. The action was intense and dare I say exciting. The field was much narrower and shorter.
  • At one point when one of the Korean players was nearing the net, ESPN at that moment displayed a large graphic which ended up covering him and anyone else hovering around the ball.
  • Further evidence of just how important this game was to ESPN… it was on ESPNU.
  • Why do goalies wear completely different colors than the rest of their teammates? If hockey goalies can wear the same colors (just sayin’)…
  • I may have watched more World Cup then I have White Sox games this year.

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    January Beats October for Start of Hockey

    Putting any hard feelings from the NHL lockout aside, I have to admit that the late start of this year’s regular season and subsequent late start for the playoffs has been kind of nice.

    Think back to the Chicago Blackhawks 24 game streak and the amount of positive press both the team and the league got. Would they have gotten the same amount of buzz if the regular season had begun in early October instead of early January?

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    In Tebow We Trust

    Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow is harmless. He’s a seemingly nice guy who loves life, and is not ashamed to profess his religious faith every chance he gets. Through no unintentional fault of his own, he has become this polarizing figure — you either love him or you hate him.

    I lean towards not being too fond of him. But before you pin me as an secular hate monger, it’s not necessarily because he talks about god all the time. Take away all religious references and you have an individual who has mastered how to incorporate the word “and” into his dialogue to make the world’s longest run-on sentence in history. It is his particular style of vernacular that annoys me. When you put God back into his dialogue, you have someone who is far too nice and enthusiastic.

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    NFL on FOX’s Theme Music Going Abroad

    I didn’t watch much of the MLB postseason this year, but when I began to watch game one of the National League Championship Series on Fox a few weeks back, I noticed that instead of starting the broadcast with their regular MLB on Fox theme music, they used their traditional NFL theme music.

    Being a buff for all things pertaining to broadcasting presentations, I noticed this immediately. At the time, I thought that maybe that Fox had hired a few younger people to run the production booth and they made a simple mistake. When the same was happening throughout the NLCS and eventually the World Series, I really started to wonder what was up.

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    Baseball 101 with McGwire and Pujols

    The website posted a video of St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols working with new hitting coach Mark McGwire on hitting. A fascinating video on basic baseball 101 batting mechanics – a really neat video to watch for anyone who really enjoys baseball.

    Being from Chicago, I’m not supposed to like the Cardinals, but I’ve always had some admiration for the “Redbirds” dating back to the 1998 season when McGwire and Sammy Sosa were going head to head in the home run chase. Even though we now know that chase was inflamed by the use of steroids, that summer was still magical one for me to watch and that can never be taken away.

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